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Aqua Pro 3-step window cleaning process is backed by my Streak-Free Guarantee!


If you are like most home owners, you do not clean windows. That is because streak free quality window cleaning is often difficult, time consuming and dangerous to do.  I have always loved window cleaning and found it a passion I love in life so you are guaranteed a highly professional job.

I do not use vinegar, ammonia or Windex with paper towels, a newspaper or even a baby diaper to clean windows but rather here at  Aqua Pro Window Cleaning I use only the very best in window cleaning tools and products such as professional Squeegees and a special blend of green cleaning products including Rain X Protection which leave your windows with a shine that’s guaranteed to last and protects against rain.


My 3-step window cleaning process consists of:


Rubbing and scrubbing your windows to release the buildup of grease, grime and airborne contaminants. The glass is then squeegeed clean with professional-grade equipment, removing 99.9% of the water and dirt from the pores of the glass.


Edges and sills are wiped clean and dry, leaving behind nothing but sparkling glass.


Why Choose Aqua Pro ABOVE the Competition?


As the Owner and Operator I do all the jobs to ensure perfection.

I am Insured and have almost 30 years prior experience.

105 Testimonials speak volumes alone 

Yet above all I LOVE MY JOB and it tells in the care I take from the loyalty of my customers to the fact pride in my work means more than any paycheck, something lacking today I think you will agree.


The Window Care Program:


Aqua Pro Window Cleaning is a regular, repeat service company providing window cleaning and window washing services in Kansas City Metro area, Lawrence and Topeka. My customers are looking for more than a one-time or once a year window cleaning. I offer specially designed “Window Care” programs which are customized to your needs and are discounted based on frequency. With my Window Care program, you are able to create a residential window cleaning schedule that is both affordable and effective at keeping your windows looking clean year round.


The idea is simple; the more you use our cleaning services, the more affordable each window cleaning becomes. To learn more about our pricing just contact by phone or text 913 341 2782 and put Aqua Pro to work in your home.

My 2 most popular window cleaning programs are interior and exterior cleanings every six (6) months, and exterior cleanings every three (3) months. Your individual needs will vary based on your area and variables such as children, pets and the amount of cooking and entertaining that you do.


Remember 100% satisfaction FIRST TIME every time.


Call or Text 913 341 2782 to Book Today.

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