Q: What should I look for in a window cleaner


A: First, experience and professionalism and 2nd testimonials, recommendations from neighbors and friends and your personal friend the internet. 


Clues you might be hiring a bad window cleaner are LESS than 5 testimonials, no insurance, unprofessional truck and poor low quality knowledge and tools. Quite often if the price is too good to be true usually there is a really good reason for it so always check who you are hiring has good standing and is a true professional for added security and peace of mind. .Jobs base simply on price alone are often poor quality. 

Q: How do professional window cleaning companies price jobs?

A: Many window cleaning companies will bid by how long they feel the job will take or simply by the window count and style with fees often reflective of their skill and knowledge. I have done this line of work for 30 years (including in England) so I can often give you a price quite quickly using my business ipad and software within a few minutes of calling or if you prefer from a simple text completely free of charge. All I need is your name and address 913 341 2782 TRY IT.

Q: After calling around, I found that your prices are not the lowest in the area. Why is this?

A: Well, I work very hard at providing a professional real service and for my experience range and knowledge value for money.  However, I am not  in the business of simply underbidding a difficult job with lots of ladder work or low balling our competition on price simply to get a one time job, besides my service goes way beyond simple price alone. I instead prefer to focus my attention towards building strong relationships with my customers who value quality over just being the cheapest in the area. I offer a service which is often way beyond  normal expectations when comparing apples to apples with other window cleaning companies. Aqua Pro is a company you can count and know will be around today and tomorrow. Aqua Pro may not always be the least expensive but I can guarantee the service you receive from me will be much better than anything you have been use too in the past and all at a fair price for the quality of work provided. The peace of mind my loyal and future customers have in knowing that I continue to offer dependable service and quality is well worth it to them each and every time I show up at their door with a smile.

Please remember too, from my personal point of view and past experience with companies in the area, I am sure you have heard the saying... you get what you pay for in life and that is very true today if not more so with the low standard of work very common today and the poor customer service we all constantly see. When you use Aqua Pro I am there for you every step of the way and go that extra mile ensuring the job is done right perfectly OR DON'T PAY ME A DIME. Taking my time and never rushing a job big or small is what I believe has made me stand out from my competition. Days are not so packed full that a friendly smile and handshake is forgotten and the believe that every customer deserves the best treatment for their hard earned dollars. 


In my book you are # 1 and should always be treated like a VIP on every job I do whether it is your first time or 10th. We often forget without you my  loyal customers I have no business. 



Q: What is the deal with the FREE window cleaning service?

A: I have built my name since 2005 (30 years if you include England) based on quality and customer service and believe beyond a doubt I offer the best possible service in the state of Kansas and Missouri. Well what better way than to back those words up by eating them if I ever fail you which is why I continue to offer my famous Don't Pay Me A Dime Unless Your 100% Satisfied With Your Window Cleaning Service tagline. To me simply telling people you are the best is not enough without backing those brave words up with something tangible and meaningful so what better way that my own personal faith in my abilities to please and deliver the best possible service that I can offer. You basically have nothing to lose with me with in the end - try me once never use anyone else again I promise!



Q: Doesn't it make sense to wait until the rainy season is over to clean my windows?


A: Clean windows look great in all seasons throughout the whole year, especially the holidays, Spring and Summer when you really notice the colors outdoors. Rain dirties windows is an old myth, rain in fact, by itself will not make your windows look bad. Only when rain mixes with dirt does a window get streaked and look dirty or you have dirty outside screens on your windows with the wind and rain hitting these over time will make your glass dirty faster so be sure to have those cleaned at the same time.



Rain in fact will actually sheet off clean glass if done right of course and will stay looking as good as they did the day before the rain or storm, another reason you will often see window cleaners working in the rain, not because we are crazy.



Q: What happens, if it rains after you clean my windows?


A: Remember, it's not the rain which dirties your windows but rain hitting a dirty window or screens. As proof of this I have my free rain guarantee, if within a 7 day period of having your windows and screens professional cleaned they don't look their best due to reasonable forces of nature, I will come straight back out again and touch them up FREE completely free for you - how is that for results and additional service to my Money Back Guarantee promise.



Q: Are your cleaning products safe?


A: Yes, all my products are home safe and biodegradable. We do not use any ammonia or alcohol based solutions that could affect fabrics of any kind, flooring or pets, in fact, own a dog myself and clean my windows on a regular basis.



Q: How often should I have my windows cleaned?


A: To be honest, this is a personal choice. How often do you want to look out of nice clean windows? Seriously though, depending on where you live and the circumstances window cleaning can be done on a call out basis or set up on a regular basis too. Most of my residential customers like to have their windows done every 6 months. Storm windows with frames however, often only need to be done approximately every 1-2 years. You should ideally plan on having your windows cleaned inside and out at least once a year to maintain them in good shape and for that added street appeal to your beautiful home. I am fairly certain once your windows are professional cleaned you will want to be on a regular 3 or 6 month schedule and remember too, save 20% when you do with a repeat service call that same year. 

Note: I offer a discount for those who sign up for our window cleaning service twice a year, yet more reasons why in the long run you continue to save with Aqua Pro Window Cleaning.



Q: What if I only want the exterior of my windows cleaned?


A: Not a problem. If you just prefer to have me clean the outside I can do that for you, although quite often, once you see the difference you will WANT me to do the interior as well, nearly everyone does! However, depending how booked up I am that day I may not always be able to accommodate at such short notice so I stress that should you change your mind about just having the exterior done and want the interior done also, that you call me as soon as possible to your appointment date. 



Q: I have difficult to reach windows, will you be able to clean them?


A: There has never been a window yet I have not been able to reach within reason and up to 3 story but as always my first step is to ascertain what style of windows you have, height of your home and how your home is situated whether flat or on a hill etc however I am also available at times to come out to you and discuss with you what it is you require if you have major concerns of any kind. Any window can be reached with my fully loaded truck and years of experience and knowledge in the fine art of war ....sorry I mean window cleaning :)



Q: My windows look awful, they are misty and foggy, will the fog go away after you clean the windows for me?


A: I am afraid not is the short answer. Foggy windows are often damaged or defective double paned windows and sometimes direct sunlight over time. These type of windows will not  clean up with a regular clean. The fog between the panes of the glass comes from a broken or weak seal on the actual window and would need to be replaced to clear it up sadly at a costly price these days too so when booking please keep this in mind and be aware even as a Brit I have my limitations.



Q: Do you have weekend appointments?


A: Weekend appointments are available and are made on a first come basis. Weekend appointments are generally reserved for larger jobs however should you require me to come out on a Saturday when calling please mention this fact and I will do my up most to try and accommodate your request base I can, sometimes it might require a longer waiting period depending on time of year but I will always try and help. I do not work on Sundays, unless you wish to pay a 50% surchange.



Q: What is the earliest appointment time available?


A: I typically start at 9.30 am, although on certain occasions this can vary depending on the time of year and workload for the day. My afternoon appointments will often vary a little more so with regards to the size and type of job being done that day but I can often give you a fairly close ballpark figure usually a 1 hour window, no pun intended :) 



Q: How long does an interior and exterior job take?


A: This will depend on the type of home you have and style of windows which I am sure you can appreciate. However, I can typically complete a job within a reasonable amount of time but up most of importance is safety and if it has been a while since your windows were cleaned then it may take slightly longer the first time. 


When you text or call to make an appointment you can always request an approximate length of time I think the job will take and if need be we can always plan around what you might have going on that day. If you need to leave for the day you can leave a check or if I feel comfortable with you I will just send you an invoice.



Q: What should I do to prepare for my appointment?


A: I would ask if you have expensive valuables in front of your windows or items attached to the glass that you remove these ahead of time, otherwise I can move them for you to gain access to the glass. Please remember it is my personal pleasure to make the experience of having your windows cleaned as easy and as comfortable for you as possible.


Q: Will I know what time you will arrive?  My last guy was never on time!


A: Of course, I will always give you a set time and day, that way it makes it far easier to plan around anything you might need to do before my arrival. You will never be kept waiting for hours wondering if I will ever turn up. If held up in traffic or delayed you will always be informed with an update. 



Q: What payment methods are accepted?


A: I accept credit card, debit cards, cash or checks made payable to Aqua Pro Window Cleaning.



Q: When is payment due?


A: Payment is due upon completion of the job. If you are not home when I complete the job an invoice will be sent out to you in the mail.




CALL US TODAY!! 913-341-2782  or 785-273-9455


Any additional questions that were not answered in the FAQ please call me or send an email and we will be more than happy to answer them.



Email: AquaProWindowCleaning@gmail.com



  • "Thanks for sending the gift certificate to my mum for mothers day from us girls - she will love it and speaks highly of your business." Lisa Shea, Ottawa, Kansas

  • "This Brit is terrific! Marty was very flexible and worked around my schedule. He also customized his service to fit my needs, rather than making me pay for 2 separate services. ..." Michelle Kelly, Raymore, Missouri

  • "Thank you so much for cleaning out my gutters. I certainly will be telling my friends about you and your great service. Thanks again. " Helen Peterson, Olathe, Kansas


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