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Top 10 Reasons I Am The Best

  1. The Same High Consistency Of Work Each & Every Time 

  2. Reliability - Every Week, Month You Can Count On Me To Show Up Like Clockwork  

  3. High Quality Work Done Right First Time

  4. Prompt Service On The Day

  5. Elite Professional, Friendly, Courteous, Trustworthy & Honest

  6. As the Owner and Worker Bee I Love My Job & It Shows Every Day

  7. Money Back Guarantee If I Ever Fail Your Expectations On Any Weekly or  Monthly,  Account, No Sign Contracts, Terminate Whenever You Wish 

  8. 100's Testimonials, Verbal, Written & Video Along With Over 30 yrs UK Experience

  9. Voted #1 In Topeka for a long time. 

  10. Fast No Obligation Estimates by phone or text. 913 341 2782




Remember there is NEVER Any Obligation To Continue My Service, No Contracts, Just Old Fashioned Quality Service And The Job Done Right, Like The Old Days PLUS I believe once you try me you will never use anyone else again.


Professional Window Cleaning FROM Only $75 Minimum

A Company and Name You Can Trust
Dependable Regular Year Round Reliable Service

Professional Clean Windows Done The Right Way with a Friendly Smile!
No Contracts Needed, Your Word Is My Bond


BUT STOP!! Still a little unsure? Ask Me For A Quick Demo Of My Service

& See The Difference Aqua Pro can make to your windows!


Did you know... Dirty windows on ANY commercial property is a complete and utter eye sore to the general public and those new customers you are hoping to attract, sends a message we do not care.


REAL professional window cleaning is less than you think and well worth the investment to have me as your lovable Brit take care of your weekly or monthly chore, freeing up your employees or yourself to take care of the more important business requirements while safe in the knowledge come rain or shine you will never have to worry about the appearance of your store or office allowing you to sleep much more soundly at night too. 


FACT: Unclean windows negatively reflects badly on the professional image of your commercial property while psychologically (you see, not just your average window cleaner here folks) tells customers you do not care about hygiene or how you maintain your business in general - obviously very bad right if you own a food business OR FOR THAT MATTER ANY BUSINESS WHERE YOU INTERACT WITH CUSTOMERS ON A DAILY BASIS - personally, in regards to food, I would never eat in a place with dirty windows, simply and purely for logical reasons, seeing dirty windows your brain is thinking what the hell no thanks, what must their kitchen be like or tables for that matter, right your name in the dust, seriously look at the windows often overlooked but is a clear insight into a business overall image.


PRIME EXAMPLE Imagine here for a few seconds from one of your customers point of view when they eat at your restaurant (or are in fact, thinking of doing any kind of business with you, OFFICE, CAR DEALERSHIP, DOCTORS OFFICE the list goes on etc) peoples perceptions at the basic level of brain function acts on a subconscious level so through universal basic psychology when someone walks into what they consider to be a nice restaurant or, in fact, to be honest and clear here, are looking to do business with you, one of the first things subconsciously and psychologically that they are first hit with is... yes, first impressions and you know or should know, FIRST IMPRESSIONS are what count, which, yes are your WINDOWS AND DOORS. MY GOD, SERIOUSLY, think about that for a minute if you honestly care about your business first impressions COUNT ABOVE ALL ELSE!


Bottom line here then psychology lesson is over for the day, well alright almost. Our brain neurotransmitters are firing off saying run or if you do take care of your business are saying stay.... and spend loads of hard cash :) However, leave your windows to look like crap and peoples perceptions are vastly different and think this business clearly does not care much about its outward professional image quickly translating into their service overall. SO basically 101 they are fundamentally deciding within milliseconds on a subconscious level not to do business with you and that is lost revenue. So remember having a professional window cleaner such as myself clean your windows sends a clear message you love your place of business and want it to shine in turn sending the message you care and positive vibes into the community to come do business with you.


So, just remember speaking as a Brit here if your place of business looks like crap from the outside you are losing customers no matter what kind of business you operate so pick up that phone now and call or text me on 913 341 2782 and turn around your professional image today. 


You as a business Owner or Manager are basically until now non verbally holding up a banner which reads "I do not care about my profession image so why do business with us".  


I am British and VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT WINDOW CLEANING which might surprise you after reading this ha ha The Job being done right and leaving behind clean looking windows is more important to me than ANY check you can write whether commercial or residential! I do this job because I love what I do very simple. 


Please Note: It is very important to establish a regular window cleaning schedule. Hiring a professional window cleaner is not expensive and ensures your windows are looked after and well maintained on a regular basis year round.


Remember: Clean windows also tell your workers and more importantly your customers you care!


Just a few of the many places I clean:


Typical Commercial Schedules: Weekly or Monthly


Do you have a window cleaning guy or girl already but... lets be honest they never turn up on a regular basis? Never really do a great job? Never take their time to do the job right! Lacking real detail? No insurance?


JUST REMEMBER: As in any line of business especially your own. You often get what you pay for and I personally work hard to NOT be the cheapest in town due to my experience and knowledge but also, the low standards often associated with those who only charge a minimum rate. I focus on quality and service and pride myself very highly on providing a high end service.


Please Note: If you are ONLY interested in the cheapest price or don't care who does them long as they are done for a few dollars then please shop elsewhere I am not the company for you, love my job but I also have gotten use to food. 


Call or Text 913-341-2782 

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